Need Paranormal Assistance?

In need of paranormal help or advice?  Navigate the map above by clicking and dragging, and zoom into your area to find a group near you.  Click on the group's symbol to learn more about them and to access their contact information. 

If you find out-of-date information on the map or want to share a review of a group you contacted using the map, please email that information to


Add Your Group to the Map?

To have your paranormal group added to the map, email your group's information to

 (1) your group's name the way you want it to appear on the map, (2) the area you cover, (3) a short paragraph about your group, (4) an email that clients can use to contact you, and (5) a link where people can learn more about your group.  Optionally, you can include (6) a phone number for your group as well.

The groups listed on this map are active paranormal investigative groups, and they will respond to emails and other efforts to communicate with them.  On a periodic basis we curate the map, checking to make sure the groups listed here are still active.  As for methods and approach, the groups listed here represent a diverse range of opinions and beliefs.  Once you have found a group near you on the map, do what you can to learn more about them.  Once you make contact with them, feel free to pose whatever questions you need to ask in order to feel comfortable with their ability to assist you.  Good luck to you and yours.

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